Fabinho is confident that he will be fully fit in the Champions League final

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Liverpool midfielder Fabinho is confident he will be fit for the Champions League final against Real Madrid in Paris.

         The Brazil international was injure in the team’s win over Aston Villa on Tuesday. The latter missed out on the FA Cup final against Chelsea, which the ufabet team won on penalties after a 0-0 draw in 120 minutes.

         On May 28, when the team face Real Madrid in the European Cup final. He is confident he will be fit to help the team win titles.

         “Yes, I’ll be there… To play,” Fabinho told AS, “we are working and recovering to be ready for the final.”

         “I was more calm and confident than myself to be there. So we have to keep working and resting to get our bodies ready for the game on May 28.”

         Fabinho joined Real Madrid on loan for the 2012/13 season, but only played 14 minutes for the club in their 6-2 win over Malaga.

The Champions League final will be Liverpool’s 63rd fixture in a mammoth season which has seen them reach the final of every tournament they have entered. Since mid-February, the Reds have played a match on every weekend and during every midweek.

Fabinho has revealed that the Liverpool squad is feeling the subsequent fatigue.