Manchester Unite announces Arnold as new CEO

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Manchester United have announced that Richard Arnold will be the club’s CEO starting February 1.

Arnold will take over as executive chairman of Manchester United from February 1, meaning Ed Woodward will step down as executive vice president as announced.

“I am extremely honor to have the opportunity to serve this great club. And fans of the club I am determine to bring the reputation and honor back to the ufabet club as best as I can.”

Joel Glazer, the club’s co-chairman Statement of thanks to Woodward to confirm his farewell to the team. “I would like to thank Ed for his hard work on behalf of Manchester United. During his nine years as executive vice-chairman and for the 16 years working for the club.”

“We now look forward to working with Richard and his team on new actions to enhance the club. With ambitious plans for investing in Old Trafford. Building relationships with fans and continue to fight for our most important goals That was a victory on the field.”

xecutive co-chairman Joel Glazer added: “I would like to thank Ed. For his tireless work on behalf of Manchester United during his nine years as executive vice-chairman and 16 years with the club.