Pique has criticized the management under Josep Maria Bartomeu

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Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has criticized the management under former chairman Josep Maria Bartomeu for the current downturn in Azulgrana.

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has criticize former chairman Josep Maria Bartomeu for contributing to the slump in Azulgrana as it struggles to qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League. Rivals Bayern Munich on Wednesday, according to Mundo Deportivo.

The paths for the two clubs have been markedly different since facing each other in the 2015 semi-finals. In which Barcelona subsequently won their last title. Before Azulgra had been having a downturn since then and are struggling to qualify for this season’s knockout stages, unlike Bayern Munich, who are still the top players. Challenge the top of the Champions League and reach the title in 2020. 

When asked why the fates of the two clubs were so different, Pique replied frankly: ‘Management of the club It’s that simple.’

The comments were interpreted by the Spanish media as criticizing the performance of Bartomeu, the former Barça chairman from 2014-2020, before ending in chaos on and off the pitch for the Catalunya giants. paternal grandmother 

‘We have to look at the present and the future. There are many things that we can be excited about. Think everything will turn out well in the short and medium term. We are not in the situation we want. But you can see things in the team that we haven’t had in a long time.’

‘And we’re putting them all together. If we keep doing things better We will end up with better matches, I’m sure,’ Pique said.